Client Testimonial Videos 

Legal marketing videos are your go to videos to help reach your marketing potential and connect with your audience. Through these unique videos you will be able to help teach viewers about your services and educate them on legal issues. Introduction and promo videos are great for showcasing your firm’s values, beliefs, and services your company has to offer.

On this page we will discuss the following: 


Get better results with Video marketing

What are legal marketing videos?

Videos made for marketing purposes that are unique to your company’s brand. These videos are produced for your firm with the intent to reach future clients. With a marketing video campaign you can bring your company more visibility, higher engagement, and add value for your audience. Types of videos include FAQ videos, promo, client testimonial, and introductory videos. 

Why are marketing videos important?

Visitors want information about your firm before they pick up the phone and call. The best way to reach them is through video marketing. This will help persuade the viewer you are the right law firm for the job. Law firm marketing strategy gives your firm the identity and brand awareness you need. In addition, marketing videos are important for these reasons below: 

  • Sets you apart from the competition
  • Videos get your message across in fewer words
  • Viewers will watch a video more than read text on your website
  • Videos are more engaging than other forms of marketing
  • Generate more traffic to website
  • Become a source for reader to learn about your specialties and services

What makes a good legal marketing video?

  • Have a compelling story
  • Add personal touches to your video
  • Tell your why. This is very important. Why did you become an attorney? 
  • Share a personal story about your life
  • Use interesting backgrounds don’t just film in a studio. Examples:
    • Your office
    • Board room
    • Home
    • Park
    • Courthouse
    • Location of an accident
  • Show emotion through storytelling. This lets the viewer get to know who you are.
  • Educational videos will help draw future clients in. 
  • Share your knowledge and expertise 
  • Compelling client testimonial builds trust and confidence. 

How can I benefit from a great video?

A great video will help your company stand out in a crowded market and get the best exposure. Most noteworthy benefits:

  • Help your firm grow
  • Attract new clients
  • Makes your website reputable
  • Helps educate people looking for legal answers
  • You become a valuable source
  • Trustworthy
  • Can be used across all social media platforms
    • Youtube
    • Email campaigns 
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn 
    • Website
  • Boosts online engagement
  • Create trust amongst existing clients and future ones


Ultimately, educate yourself before you choose a video production company. Know that your law firm will get the best ROI (return on investment) from legal marketing videos. Consumers are watching more videos than ever before to get information. It is important for them to have control of which device they can watch your video on. Therefore, optimizing your videos for all social media platforms and devices is your best way to engage a larger audience and attract new clients.