Small Law Firm Marketing 

Small law firm marketing is key to staying competitive amongst solo and large firms. Setting goals, knowing your ideal client, and having a great marketing plan will keep you in front of your target audience. One way small law firms find success in marketing is through video production.  

Table of Contents. On this page we will discuss the following:

What is a small law firm?

Small law firms sometimes referred to as “boutique” law firms generally have between 2-10 attorneys. These firms have a more narrow focus of practice compared to a general practice. Feels more intimate almost like you are dealing with a solo attorney practice. One of the benefits of a small law firm is the ability for these attorneys to collaborate with each other on legal matters. 

What makes online marketing important to small law firms?

Online marketing has become the forefront to closing the gap between small and large law firms.  Online marketing allows you to compete as experts in your practice against any firm, no matter the size. Online viewers will see you are a reliable source, an expert in your field, and a trustworthy brand. These are vital aspects of why online marketing is important to small law firms.  Below are direct benefits from online marketing to your firm:

  • Show your an expert in your field of law
  • Stand out from competition / use video to differentiate your firm.
  • Great ROI
  • Get better cases
  • Introduce your small firm to a large audience

How do I promote my law firm?

The best way to promote your law firm is with an online marketing strategy.  Below are a few suggestions:

  • Email campaigns
    • This is a great way to connect with past clients and new ones. 
  • Google ad words
    • Also known as PPC pay per click. This can be an effective way to get in front of a new audience. 
  • LinkedIn
    • Using a social media platform like LinkedIn is great for B2B or B2C. Creating a stand out profile and network will get your firm the proper recognition. 
  • Website
    • Keep your website up to date and live. This means constantly adding new content. Your website needs to be fast, relevant, and secure. 

How do I attract new clients?

The best way to attract new clients is to have a great marketing plan. The most important first step to attract future cases is to first define your ideal client. Once you know this you can begin the process of putting together a strategy. One of the most efficient ways to get in front of a new audience and convert viewers to calls is through video marketing. Video marketing will reach more people and get your brand in front of your ideal clients. With videos you will:

  • Become a source of expertise
  • Provide answers to the questions potential clients are looking for 
  • Client testimonials 

How to grow a small law firm

As a solopreneur or small law firm, growth starts with setting a clearly defined goal on what you want to achieve. Once you define these goals you can begin growing your firm. A few ways to continue growth: 

  • Keep website relevant. 
    • This means your site needs to be informative, fast loading, and mobile friendly across all devices. 
  • Build brand awareness
    • Once you define your brand keep the message concise. 
    • Show you are an expert
    • Trustworthy
    • Reliable 
  • Maintain an online social media presence.
    • Interact with followers
    • Comment on other relevant sites. 
    • Stay active

8 tips to market online

  1. Have a goal in mind
    1. Setting goals is a key factor to a successful online marketing strategy.
  2. Define your target audience
    1. Once you can define your ideal client targeting them will become easy. 
  3. Incorporate video marketing in your campaigns 
    1. Videos are highly effective. 
    2. Viewers are watching more videos to consume information than reading text. 
  4. Use Professional photos and videos
    1. Hiring a pro will set you apart from your competition. 
    2. The end results will be better quality.
  5. Brand Consistency
    1. Define your brand
    2. Be consistent across all platforms
  6. Have an SEO strategy
    1. Know which keywords to use
    2. Hire pros to help with SEO for best ROI
  7. Stay active on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube.
    1. This can be done through posting videos with great content. 
    2. Know how to fill in all the information with keywords
    3. Hashtags are important too. Know which ones to use for your posts. 
  8. Make sure video, website etc are compatible on both a desktop and mobile device.