Online Marketing Videos

Online marketing videos are one of the best ways to create engaging content for your Viewers love video compared to other types of online content. Videos can serve a variety of purposes for your brand.  Most importantly they garner more interaction from the viewer, and increase dwell time on your website. Pair that with a video’s ability to communicate more rapidly than text, and you have a proven means to increase the effectiveness of your online marketing.

Research shows that people are 80% more likely to view a video than read a text article. In addition, content viewed from a video has a higher retention rate. This is all beneficial to your growing firm. 

On this page we will discuss the following: 

72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video. (HubSpot)

Get better results with Video marketing

What is an online marketing video?

An online marketing video is video content created for the purpose of distributing your messaging more effectively than previously possible.  Videos can be used to generate leads, get page views, solicit business, or build brand awareness to a targeted audience. Video is a tool that will help you get viewers information (Leads Generators), depict you as an expert in your practice area (Practice Area Videos), or increase your conversion (Brand Story) by connecting with viewers on a deeper level.  

Where can I use these videos?

The two most common uses of marketing videos are on your website, and in advertisements, be it direct ads like google adwords, and retargeting or social media. 

  • Website: Brand Videos are great content to help differentiate your firm from your competitors.
  • Email campaigns: Pitch videos or explainer videos can be used to increase click throughs.
  • Landing pages: Video on landing pages is used to achieve higher response rates compared to text or graphics.  Simply put it’s better for lead generation.
  • Youtube: The second most popular search engine on the planet is a good place to put any of your videos for obvious reasons.
  • LinkedIn: Brand videos, case specialties or practice area videos are great for branding and giving you a platform on LinkedIn.
  • Facebook: Great advertising platform with a plethora of metrics for targeting you advertisements make it perfect for niche videos that explore your law firm practice areas.
  • Instagram:  Another very popular social media platform with lots of good audience targeting metrics of facebook.  Fantastic for any videos that are highly targeted like practice areas. 

Are these types of videos good for SEO?

Online videos are excellent for SEO. Videos help increase your click-through rate and help your search engine results page (SERP). Choose the right platform for your video. Be sure to include a relevant title and description for each video. Insert a video transcript when you upload your video to optimize your search results. 

What are the main benefits of online marketing videos?

  • Video is more engaging for viewers on your website, keeping them on your site longer.
  • Video is more efficient, providing information faster to potential clients. Lowering your bounce rate.
  • Good video content Increases the desired viewer behavior (conversion rate) compared to text or image pages.
  • Videos can build trust and confidence in your brand.
  • Define the type of cases you attract with Video. Spend your time working on high profit cases, and avoiding low profit cases.