FAQ Videos

FAQ videos or Q&A’s are the most commonly asked questions from past clients. Some websites will have a section for FAQs where you can read the question and see the answer the firm has. We would like to take that a step further and recommend a FAQ video section. This is simply where you state the question and answer in a 30-60 second video.  Website viewers are 60% more likely to view and retain the information. 

On this page we will discuss the following: 



What is an FAQ Videos?

FAQ stands for frequently asked questions. These questions are usually written in text in an organized section on your website. The smart attorneys goal for a FAQ section of your website is two fold.  First to clearly show your expertise to the viewers on your website. Secondly to save you time. Providing answers to common questions will reduce the number of questions you must answer for your clients, and as a result save you lots of time.  FAQ videos increase the viewers engagement, experience and retention of the content as well as who you are.

How long should each video be?

FAQ videos should be between 30-60 seconds. These are short videos with one question and answer per video. This allows the client to go through the section and easily learn and have their questions answered quickly. It is key to a successful FAQ video section to keeping them short and concise. 

How many should I have on my website?

10-20 videos in this section should be plenty. We know the viewers attention span is limited. Therefore, you should only focus on the most important and relevant questions to your audience. A good strategy is to have the video section organized in a logical way.  For example if you are a family law attorney, you might want to segment divorce, and adoption FAQs as they are somewhat unrelated.

What are the benefits of an FAQ video section?

  • Clients get clear answers that speak to their specific questions.  Additionally they understand, and retain more of the information.
  • Attorneys save time, when they don’t have to answer the same questions over and over.
  • Viewers stay on your website longer (Dwell Time), because video is more engaging than text.
  • Provides quick information.
  • Improves user experience.
  • Video is good for SEO organic search results (SERPS).
  • Trust is established faster, and more effectively.
  • Shows your expertise, and authority and leader in your industry.