Corporate Video Production 

Corporate video production is what brick and mortar are to a building.  Great productions are the building blocks of your law firms message and the most direct way to reach your audience. Video types include brand videos, case specialty videos, testimonials, and Q & A. Companies that want to reach more customers hire a corporate video production company. Together, we plan and strategize your unique message. We then create a video production designed to get more attention and business for your brand.

On this Page we will discuss the following:

Female Videographer With Video Camera On Steady Cam Rig Filming Movie In White Studio

What is corporate video production?

Corporate video production refers to a video made for a business of any size, for the purposes of either external awareness, or internal communication or training. The production company you hire will help plan, produce, and edit your professional corporate video. 

Why is corporate video production important?

Firms that use videos get their expertise in front of clients they want to attract. Online video engages viewers like no other form of advertising today.  With the level of distraction we all face daily, you need a powerful conduit for your message to reach the ideal audience. Not only is video an efficient way to connect with an audience, but a video will tell your story and personalize your firm quickly and accurately. With so many firms to choose from a video can easily differentiate your practice and set you apart.  This is a great way to build your practice.

We feel the most important aspect of a corporate video is putting a face to your name or brand. This builds connection and sends a message that you are trustworthy and credible. 

What makes a great corporate video?

A great corporate video will have a compelling story. The main difference between a good video and great video will be the content. It needs to be creative and engaging. We accomplish this through proper planning. Planning is key to success. We begin with goal setting together. Once we know what your objectives are we can tell your story. This is done with a discovery meeting either in person or over the phone. During this time we get to know you and your vision. A unique storyline is then created and geared toward your brand. 

How do I choose the right production company?

  • Start with looking at their website. 
  • Does their message relate to the goal you are trying to achieve?
  • Will they Bring video marketing strategies to your law firm?
  • Can they provide a list of past clients to connect with?
  • Do they specialize in your line of work or similar?
  • Are the videos they produce compelling?
  • Will they help with coaching and directing?
  • Do they offer script writing?
  • When you reach out to the company can they communicate to you the services they will provide? 

How can I benefit from great video production?

When you have a great video of your services your name has potential to reach a larger audience. This helps boost brand awareness. As a result, videos will generate leads for the cases you want and help grow your firm. With a corporate video you are more likely to convert viewers on your website into clients. Visitors to your website will spend more time on it when there are compelling videos. This will directly result in a huge return on investment (ROI