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Brand videos will set your law firm apart from the competition. It will humanize you and your law firm. Become the obvious choice in your industry for someone looking for exceptional legal counsel.  

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Brand videos for lawyers

Get better cases with Video marketing

What is a brand video?

A brand video is an informative video about your law firm. Introducing clients to you and showcasing your specialties or expertise. Branding is more than a logo, you want to connect with clients on a higher level.  Let clients know you are compassionate, trustworthy, and an expert in your field.  Before someone picks up the phone or fills out a contact form online they want to get to know you and your brand. 

What does a legal brand video look like?

A brand video for a law firm should begin with a good hook that gets the viewers attention. We like to use cinematic camera work paired with a documentary style interviews laid out in a narrative story format.  The story should address the firms reason for operating as well as their value proposition for their potential clients. The best brand videos connect with viewers on an emotional level by identifying  their struggle and how they can can help resolve their problems.

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Who benefits from brand videos?

Your law firm will benefit from a brand video. In addition, clients looking for legal representation will also benefit. They will have an easier time differentiating your practice from all the other attorneys who look identical to them. You will attract high-value cases and high-value clients. 

What type of content should be in a brand video?

Your brand video should show personality, connection, and that you are a trustworthy source of information. The best brand videos delve into why you became an attorney and what benefits the client might get by choosing you to represent them.  Cinematic camera work and great sound will make your video more compelling to the viewer.

How long does it take to create a custom video?

From our initial call to the day we deliver your video it can take as little as 3 weeks. This all depends on our ability to stay connected with you during the 3 stages of production. We know you are busy, but the more open our channel of communication the faster your project will be completed.  Therefore, we do our best to be available and help keep your project on target during each production phase. 

How do I use a brand video in my marketing?

Brand videos are best implemented on your websites front page, so every person that finds you will experience your brand video.