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People hire people they like, know and trust.  Creating a profile video that quickly says what you are all about is the first step in staying ahead of your competitors. A compelling attorney profile video is the low hanging fruit that will attract more cases to you and your law firm.

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What is an attorney profile video?

Attorney profile videos are made to give the viewer a deeper dive into your personal values and why you have chosen to become an attorney.  It is an obvious and easy way to differentiate you from other lawyers they might have come in contact with.  The video is structured in a documentary style interview. We build your video edit with the most compelling sound bytes that speak to who you are and why you are an attorney.

What does an attorney profile video look like?

A great attorney profile video begins with a clear statement of your name and what you do. It is important to quickly transition into something personal such as hobbies, or passions.  This will give the viewer an opportunity to relate themself with you.  It is important to also address your personal into your values, and explain why you are an attorney.

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Why do I need a profile video on my website?

We all go through a series of steps in our mind before making a purchase.  This psychological journey between first encountering a service or product and the decision to hire, can be simplified into 3 steps. 

  1. Like.  The viewer needs to like you in order to proceed towards a purchase.  Simple as that.  Video is the fastest way to demonstrate likability.  Facially its most easily measured on the bottom half of your face.
  2. Know.  The viewer needs to feel like they know who you are, and what type of person they are dealing with. This stage is the bridge to trusting you are the person they need to help solve their problem.
  3. Trust. Only after the viewer likes you , and feels like know who you are and what you are all about can they trust you.  This buying journey must be completed before a lead will buy from you.  

This information begs the question, How can I move leads through this psychological buying journey more efficiently?  You guessed it, the answer is video. A profile video puts a face to your brand, that viewers can connect with emotionally, so the can begin to build trust, and finally look to you when the time comes to select an attorney.

How long should a profile video be?

The length of the profile video should be 1-2 minutes. This will allow the viewer enough time to get to know you and other attorneys that are in your firm. It is important to keep these videos relatively short. Viewers typically have a short attention span and tend to bounce, to other content.  The longer they watch the video the better it is for your SEO.  Each attorney should be showcased in their own short video.

What are the benefits of an attorney profile video?

  • Increase conversion.  Make your marketing dollars work more for you. Make it easy for viewers. Don’t expect them to read much text. 
  • More engaging. Videos are more engaging than text, and tend to increase dwell time on your website.  That is good for your SEO and conversion %.
  • Higher traffic to your website.  Fact, webpages with video get more organic traffic online.
  • Organic SEO.  Video will help search engines fine your pages more.  As google becomes more intelligent it will also understand video content better snowballing good video content for better rankings.  
  • Attract better cases.  Video is a great way to speak to your specialties, and demonstrate expertise.  Imagine being the go to attorney for DUI’s in Orange County, or trampoline accidents in the Inland Empire.
  • Turn views into phone calls or online contacts by using videos on landing pages with a call to action.