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The Story Works

Story Works was started to raise the bar for law firm video marketing.  We are a dedicated team of seasoned creatives that come together to help attorneys stand out in their crowded market places.  Our job is to understand our clients goals and create compelling video content that speaks to their target audience.

Our system is designed to streamline the process of video production into distinct phases where we learn about your practice area niche.  Discover your goals. Create a blueprint for your production before we pick up a camera.  By putting the work in on the front end we ensure the content we create for you will give your message clarity by showing who you are and what your firm stands for.

Our Mission is to create kick ass content for our partner law firms so they can absolutely dominate their competition and boost their bottom line.  Story Works will go the extra mile to ensure your production has what it takes to set your firm apart from your competition.

While working as a creative for the past two decades I have been lucky to oftentimes come across inspiring people and their incredible works.  However, it really is the repetition of uninspiring muck that I have seen over and over in many industries accepted as the status quo, or even good work, that has driven me to begin this trek into the wilderness of attorney marketing.  Working with many law firms over the last few years I have learned much about the legal industry and many of its niches. In those lessons I’ve seen a better ways to connect firms with clients.  The legal marketplace is full of competition.  Firms that have the most effective messaging, vision, and content, will come to dominate over time.  Which begs the question, how will my firm gain a competitive advantage?

I look forward to connecting with you soon.


Christopher Todd


What is a story?  Is it the experience, the memories, the journey of a character?  As I think about my own story where I’m the protagonist, I’m struck that my story is so vastly different than yours or anyone else, and yet the similarities in our basic human elements is what connects my story to yours.   It is precisely this that will allow your firm to connect to clients and your clients’ experiences, memories and own story that will ultimately connect them to you.  As a professional, I’ve spent my life observing the interplay between people, honing in on how people learn and what drives them toward making connections with others.  It is through this lens that I’m able to craft a story based on the relationships you have built through your experience, your memories, and your journey with you as the protagonist.


Daniel Klatzker

Head Writer / Creative

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