Video production process

Video production simplified into 3 easy steps.

Pre Production

What is pre-production and why is it important to your video marketing efforts?


What is production and how does it benefit our clients?

Post Production

What is post production, and how can it increase your lead conversion rate?

What is video production

Video production is the process of creating video content.  An easy way to understand the video making process is to separate it into three distinct phases.   Each phase of production must be completed in order to advance into the next phase of production. Furthermore it will be hard to achieve great results without understanding and realizing the goals of each production phase.

Who needs video production

Any person or business that would like to attract new business with videos on their website, or in their advertising needs great video production.  For example A small law firm that wants to compete with larger firms with more resources can easily use video to leverage their position in their marketplace.  Video can be used to generate more leads, as well as increasing lead conversion, once the lead is in your funnel.  Fortunately the bar for attorney video production is set fairly low, making the decision to budget for a nice video production a no brainer if your firms goal is to stand out.

Why is it important

Good production is important because years of science and research tells up peoples decisions about you, your brand, and motivations, are measured in milliseconds.  In other words there is no time for bad production.  Things like bad lighting, color, sound, messaging, etc.  If your goal is to stand out from other attorneys you MUST have a great message and create content that reflects it, and that is done with great production.  

What are the benefits to my law firm

Law firms benefit in many ways from great production.  The number one benefit is increasing your brand awareness.  Highly visible brands get more buzz, and leads.  They also tend to get better cases, because they become known for their specialties or results.  Great video production also helps law firms convert more leads, by giving perspective clients the opportunity to connect with the attorney as a human being, and understand the attorneys expertise.  Nowadays video is the faster and more effective form of communication needed because our society is in a state of constant distraction. 


Creating good video content is necessary to get peoples attention in our distracted society.  Fortunately many law firms have terrible content making it easier to stand out with better video production.  The best video content is produced with thoughtful messaging and attention to detail, and therefore delivers the best results whether it be lead generation or lead conversion goals.  Furthermore, video production is divided into three stages, that require different skills and have different goals.  When each phase of production is thoroughly contemplated the results will be more effective for your firm. 

Pre production

The pre production phase of your project is really defined by the terms discovery and planning.  Our main goal is to understand where your firm is at now and where you want to go.  We meet with you to learn about your business and industry niche.  Once we have an understanding we begin to mold your strategy.  The next step is to create a script that tells your story and incorporates your message to achieve your video marketing goals.  The final steps in pre production are the logistical considerations of your production such as, scheduling, crew, locations, attorneys, real testimonials, actors, and permits.


The production phase of your project is the culmination of all the planning and logistics.  Putting a plan into motion takes a team to get it right.  Each person on your crew has specific responsibilities that determine the quality of your final video.  Your main team members are the director, producer, cameraman and lighting technician.  Their job is to keep to the plan without missing spontaneous opportunities that present themselves during the production process. Together they will create and shape your content that delivers your message effectively.

Post production

The post production phase of your project is where we are able to tell your story.  Once we have all your footage in an editing bay we review all our takes to find the best moments.  Once completed we assemble a rough cut based on our preproduction blue print, and any alternate footage gathered that creates a more effective story.   Once your rough cut is screened we begin a collaborative dialog and editing process designed to move your video towards your final cut and ultimate delivery.