Orange County Video Production 

Story works Produces video content for law firms in Orange County and beyond.  Our goal as a production and creative company is to create compelling videos that help our clients differentiate themselves in their unique marketplace.

This page will take a look at each of our production services, why you might want to use them, and how they could benefit your firm.

On this page we will discuss the following 

What is video production?
Who in Orange County needs video production?
Why it is video production important for law firms?
How will it benefit my company?

Video Production Services

Brand Video

The best brand videos identify what is unique about you, and pair it with your why. We like a story format that weaves, who you are with your value proposition, to set your firm apart from the rest of your competition.  Great legal brands look past the traditional “Hire me” style of commercial and use a story to engage the viewer.  Learn More

Testimonial Video

Science tells us people buy products and services based on emotion. A great testimonial reel will engage your viewer more than a traditional advertisement, while developing an emotional connection to your brand without you needing to say a word. Learn More

Attorney Biography​

Bio videos are a great way to humanize your law practice.  An attorney biography dives deeper than a brand video into who you are.  This is a great way of connecting with people on a subconscious level, just by showing them some different aspects of you. Learn More

Case Specialties

Case specialty videos have two purposes. First to appeal to the right potential clients, that are beneficial to your firms business strategy, and secondly to depict you as the absolute expert on the topic of interest. 

Learn More

FAQ Videos

Include a video with scripted concise answers to the most common questions you are asked, every day.  Not only will this type of video drive user engagement, but it will also increase user dwell time on your website.  

Social Media Videos

Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine on the planet. Video advertising is the fastest growing segment online. Short highly targeted videos can yield huge ROI for your firm.

What is video production?

Simply put video production is the process for creating a video.  There are 3 phases of production.  

  • Pre Production is research and education about the industry you’re working with, as well as creative writing. This phase ends with planning, hiring, and scheduling the logistics of the day of production.
  • Production is the actual day the filming takes place.  A production is successful when pre production has been completed meticulously.
  • Post Production is the creative process of logging, editing, and piecing together different clips to create a story that compels your audience.  The post Production usually ends with adding music and graphic enhancements to your video.

Who in Orange County needs video production?

Any attorney or firm that wants more cases.  Orange County and Southern California is absolutely loaded with attorneys and law firms.  This fact alone makes it obvious that businesses that stand out from the pack will get the most leads and best cases.  

Why is video production important for law firms?

Law firms in Orange County like every other business need to be visible to get jobs.  The firms that are seen the most will get the more leads. Firms that use video to humanize themselves to connect with their leads on an emotional level will have their pick of cases, and be in control of their future.

How will video benefit my firm?

In the legal field having beautiful video marketing that is on message and humanizes you will set you apart from 95% of your competition.The best thing about good video production is having video that compels people to go with your firm.  It also will continue to deliver leads long after the initial costs of production are paid.


As a final note, video production is an important strategic way for businesses in Orange County to differentiate themselves from their competition.  Firms that utilize video marketing effectively will be able to compete with larger firms that are not leveraging video production, and marketing.